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All of our Heatmor dealers are qualified outdoor wood furnace
Installers and carry a full line of outdoor furnaces and accessories
as well as Timesaver Pipe. Should you have any warranty issues at
all feel free to contact one of our many friendly dealers to help.
They are all knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to services your outdoor furnace.

We do full service wood stove installations and also offer help and guidance to our customers that want to install their own Heatmor outdoor wood burner. The installation concepts are straight forward and simple enough for most people to handle on their own. We of course provide installation manuals to help the process along.

Remember that you are buying quality when you buy a HEATMOR wood stove thanks to the Lifetime Warranty and time tested Stainless Steel construction! Our wood furnaces are rugged and built to last, regardless of the climate or location.

Don't accept anything less! We replace lots of rusted out and dilapidated mild steel furnaces with high quality stainless steel Heatmor Outdoor Wood Furnaces. Know that when you buy a stainless steel Heatmor that you are making a long term investment in your heating and wood burning future.

Heatmor Outdoor Wood Furnaces

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