Wabash Woodstoves has been your HEATMOR distributor for the Southeast US since 2004. Heatmor has been building the Most efficient, Longest Lasting outdoor furnace since 1983.

You will not find a better furnace anywhere.
Lifetime Warranty!

  1. Replacing the Door Gasket
    HEATMOR™ DIY Service Video showing how to replace the door gasket.
  2. HEATMOR™ Outdoor Wood Burner
    This is how we heat our home.
  3. HEATMOR™ Outdoor Wood Furnace 200 css
    Some info on my wood boiler
  4. HEATMOR™ 800 DCSS
    Heatmor offers three Commercial Units. The 450CX. The 600CSS. The 800CSS.
  5. Starting your HEATMOR™ Outdoor Furnace
    Operational tutorial.
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